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Unitrends Backup 9.0

The biggest release in Unitrends history is almost here!

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What is Unitrends Backup 9.0

Unitrends 9.0 is the new release and next generation user experience for Recovery Series appliances and Unitrends backup software. 

Release 9.0 boasts a new radically simple user interface, optional Recovery Assurance for Windows via ReliableDR, hypervisor-level support for Xen Server, and a new RESTful API for Partners and Service Providers to create their own value-added extensions and reports. 

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Radically Simple User Experience

Unitrends 9.0 sets a new industry standard for the customer experience, simplifying everything from system setup and common backup and recovery tasks, to troubleshooting and support. 

Visual reporting across your entire infrastructure 

Built-in community forum dashboard for quick answers

In just a few clicks you can backup, recover, monitor, and report

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Recovery Assurance for Windows

Recovery Assurance is the industry’s first automated recovery solution for Windows Physical, VMWare and Hyper-V virtual environments, dramatically reducing the cost of disaster recovery testing and recovery. 

Automate testing and failover for Windows, as well as VMware and Hyper-V 

Validate recovery of heterogeneous, multi-tiered applications across an entire infrastructure

Provide PROOF of recoverability of backups and complex multi-tier applications on premise or at a DR site. 

Hypervisor-Level Support for Citrix XenServer

Unitrends 9.0 includes protection for all three major Hypervisors, vSphere from VMWare, Hyper-V for Microsoft and XenServer from Citrix. Unitrends Enterprise Backup provides hypervisor-level protection of XenServer, including features like:

Hypervisor backups for simplified VM protection, including image-based protection and VSS for application consistency

Guest-Level backup for increased granularity for critical applications and reduced storage snapshot impact 

Application-level backup for Exchange, SQL, Oracle and Sharepoint including truncate logs and full application awareness

New Packaging and Pricing... including FREE upgrade options.

For a limited time, legacy Unitrends and PHD Virtual
software customers can migrate to our new licensing
model – FREE – or upgrade to a more robust license
for a small fee. 

Our new lineup is designed to better meet the needs of our end-user community. We decided to update our licensing model to create more flexible options; you can now buy exactly what they need, with more competitive price point for smaller environments!


› Right-size to only pay for what you need.
› Consolidate to one solution for virtual and physical protection.
› Utilize granular protection of SQL, Oracle, Exchange, and SharePoint.
› Supersize to Enterprise Plus and get unlimited automated DR testing, failover and RTO reporting

“Unitrends had already delivered a 75% reduction in backup management overhead, because I only had to touch the new system a quarter of the time, so it made sense to work with them again, especially given their nimble integration.”

Roland Welsch, Jefferson County

“Maybe the most important result of this deployment is that I now have faith in our failover strategy. If I had an outage at our primary site, I feel much more comfortable that a failover would be successful.”

Steve Crocker, Magna Bank

“When we spin up a new VM, it’s automatically backed up. I don’t have to touch the Unitrends box. That’s huge for us.”

Philip Moya, San Antonio Kidney Disease Center

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